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Hyperspectral LWIR Cameras (8 - 12.4 µm)

SPECIM offers several hyperspectral cameras in the LWIR (8 - 12.4 µm) range. SPECIM’s high-end LWIR cameras are designed for chemical imaging in the thermal “fingerprint” infrared range, for industrial, environmental and defense applications.  Please consult us for the optimum solution for your application.

Hyperspectral imaging in the longwave infrared (LWIR) band offers new ways to identify and quantify even more materials based on their characteristic spectral signatures. Thermal LWIR hyperspectral imaging covers the range 8 – 12 µm and is widely used to analyze chemicals, gases, minerals, or atmospheric radiations. SPECIM is the first manufacturer to have developed push-broom devices for hyperspectral imaging in the LWIR. SPECIM’s LWIR spectral cameras allow measurements under laboratory conditions where illumination is required and line illumination is the best possible choice. SPECIM’s high-sensitivity Spectral Camera OWL and industrial LWIR-HS imagers employ innovative technology exploiting the benefits of reflective and refractive optics to achieve the highest performance in a compact device.  The two camera models have been specially designed to meet diverse requirements in industrial, research, and security applications.

Specim | OWL
up to 100 fps
Yes / Optional
8 - 12 μm
100 nm**
48 nm
L43 0.063° / L32 0.084°

Specim | LWIR HS
60 fps
8 - 12 μm
400 nm
150 nm
0.084 °