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Tech Imaging Services is the US Northeast's premier distributor of digital high speed video cameras and ultra high-speed imaging systems such as Photron, AOS, Fastec and Shimadzu.

In addition to camera sales, Tech Imaging Services offers a wide variety of high speed camera rentals and on-site consultant services. Our high speed imaging systems are custom design solutions that integrate video-based motion capture and slow motion analysis to meet virtually any high-speed imaging need.

Tech Imaging Services’ extensive range of high speed video products have become trusted by leading worldwide customers such as Military-&-Defense, University's, Industrial, R&D, Medical, Biotechnology, and Television Broadcast.  Tech Imaging Services can offer you the best products available for a price that fits any budget.

 Featured High-Speed Cameras


The ultra-high speed SA-Z provides mega pixel resolution to a blistering 21,000 frames per second (fps) from it’s very light sensitive (ISO 50,000) 20μm square pixels, with 12-bit pixel depth (ADC) delivering incredible image quality. The SA-Z can operate at reduced resolution to over two million frames per second.

The Photron FASTCAM Mini AX200 high-speed camera provide high frame rates, extraordinary light sensitivity and superior image quality in a compact, lightweight and rugged camera design. Providing 1,024 x 1,024 pixel resolution at up to 6,400 frames per second (fps) and reduced resolutions to 900,000 f ps, the Mini AX200 delivers the performance required for demanding industrial, military and laboratory applications.

The super-compact AOS Technologies Q-MIZE HD camera impresses with high definition TV Format (1080) @ up to 1000fps, built-in battery and up to 10GB image memory. It is shock resistant up to 10G with spikes up to 200G and ideal for on-board automotive testing application where size matters. A perfect fit for industrial or military applications with Hi-G shocks and limited space.

High-Speed Camera Rentals:

Looking to rent a high-speed camera? Tech Imaging Services has a wide selection of high-speed camera for rent.


High-Power Illumination Lasers: 

Tech Imaging Services is the US distributor of Cavitar CAVILUX HF and CAVILUX Smart high-speed illumination lasers for high-speed imaging. These lasers can be used standalone or accompanied with a high-speed camera.

High-G High-Speed Cameras: 

Compact and ruggedized high speed cameras for automotive safety crash testing and on-board sled testing, have helped to make tremendous progress in safety to allow recording details of crash tests not seen before.


MIL 810 / DO 160 High Speed Cameras:

Defense and airborne applications require reliable ruggedized high-speed cameras that can withstand harsh environments such as, shock and stress tests, vibration, dust, and watertight housings.


Contact Us to discuss your high speed camera application and we would be happy to suggest the best high speed imaging solution for your company