InfiniProbe | Variable Magnification

The InfiniProbe series lenses offer variable magnification lenses. Both the TS-160 and the MS series lenses will fill the full format (1 inch sensor) of a Photron high-speed camera.

InfiniProbe TS-160

The TS-160 is a radically new approach to macro/micro imaging. It has a Variable Iris, but no f/stops. It focuses internally without any changes to its outer dimensions. Its front lens is a specially-calculated microscope objective or a macro auxiliary. It ranges magnification from 0 to as much as 16x and can focus anywhere from infinity down to 18mm. Almost any camera up to and including those with 35mm sensors can be used with it. It is so easy to use that it literally sets the best image for you every time you focus. It may be a "counter-intuitive" experience even to experienced photographers. It is the InfiniProbe TS-160 from Infinity Photo-Optical Company. Quality macro/micro imaging has become simple and easy.




InfiniProbe MS System

When it comes to machine vision, industrial, biological/entomological or general imaging requirements for a Variable Magnification Lens, imagine the convenience of harnessing the MACRO capabilities of the incredible InfiniProbe TS-160 transferred to a single, unitized C-mount version. Imagine focusing from infinity down to 16 millimeters—going from 0 up to 4x (onto the sensor)—all in a unit that fits every C (or CS-mount with an additional 5mm spacer) camera. That sums up what the InfiniProbe MS (Macro System) is. A Variable Magnification Lens like no other. But it is more: It completely covers 1-in. Sensor Formats as well.

Given what the InfiniProbe MS does, no other Macro Variable Magnification Lens even approaches it. You can custom-tailor your vision requirements by using a single lens system. No formulas, no downtime. Just look at what you want to do in the MS's PDF tables—and find your answer.

The quality of the imagery that the InfiniProbe MS is capable of is that of the definitive InfiniProbe TS-160 (see some examples here). The InfiniProbe MS is virtually the same optical configuration in a C-mount "package."

Once you have set up the InfiniProbe MS, its outer dimensions remain constant. That even holds true if you want to add filters. Every InfiniProbe MS has a built-in filter holder. An iris diaphragm allows variable control.

InfiniProbe MS—the InfiniProbe TS-160 MACRO capabilities in C-mount. As simple as that.




InfiniProbe C-Mount

The InfiniProbes are an entire line of patented continuously-focusable video microscopes—unique in all the world. There is only one other continuously-focusable video microscope that has greater capabilities than any of the InfiniProbe C-Mount Series: Infinity's own InfiniProbe TS-160 Universal . Nevertheless, within their price/performance envelopes, the InfiniProbe Series have no equals.

Focus anywhere from infinity on down and see detail and resolution grow as the magnification continuously increases. Unlike any other world-class video microscope (except our own InfiniProbe TS-160), you can monitor magnification, field of view and depth of field to get the exact image you want—by focusing from the most pleasing vantage point. Then, a specific detail may be zeroed-in at truly microscopical magnifications. Put in terms of a 1/2-in. format video camera and 13-in. monitor, this means that the InfiniProbes provide continuous magnification from 0 to c.100x, 0 to c.130x, 0 to c.200x and 0 to c.400x—depending on the model chosen. By simply adding a 2x DL or LDL (lockable on to the camera), magnification can be DOUBLED, maintaining the same focusing ranges as before. All InfiniProbes are available as 90-degree versions for special requirements. (See table below for specific details on ALL of the models).