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High-Speed Camera Rentals

Tech Imaging Services offers a broad range of affordable high-speed camera rental equipment on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.  We have a diverse inventory of high-speed camera rentals from battery operated handheld cameras, to ultra high-frame rate camera systems capable of over 10,000,000 fps. We offer accessories with our high-speed camera rental packages: lights, lenses, tripods, as well as configured laptop controllers with operational software. We also offer a variety of rental options enabling us to provide our customers with complete integrated turn-key solutions.

All of our rental packages include a Camera body (color or monochrome systems) available in a variety of lens mounting options. Includes power supply, 3-meter Gigabit Ethernet cable, Nikon G-Type F-Mount, C-Mount (Threaded Type).

Other rental items also include

  • PL / B4 Lens Mount
  • Laser illumination
  • HD-SDI Preview Monitors
  • High-Speed Dual GigE Camera Control Workstation
  • Tripods
  • Basic Control PC

Contact us to have a rental specialist put the right high-speed camera rental package together for you!

*Most of our lens inventory consists of Nikon f-mount and C-mount lenses. Other types are available upon request.

Onsite Consultant Services

Tech Imaging Services has over 35 years of hands-on experience in the high-speed imaging industry. Acquiring great high-speed video footage takes more than just a great camera. There are often challenges associated with proper lighting, choosing the correct lens, optimal frame rates speeds, exposure times, camera triggering, etc.  Allow us to offer you a dedicated high-speed camera operator to work directly at your facility.

On-site consultant services also allows our team to work directly with your company representatives to help provide them the hands-on education and training, to assist anyone who wishes to broaden their capabilities in the field of high-speed photography and videography.

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Contact us to have a high speed camera specialist figure out your testing or shoot needs!

Long-Term Leasing

Tech Imaging Services has the expertise to structure 24, 36, and 48 month high speed camera lease packages of virtually any type of high speed camera. Tech Imaging Services can provide your business with flexibility that could never be realized through ownership.  

Realize the tax benefits through equipment leasing: The leased high speed camera equipment involved in an operating lease can be treated as an operating expense, rather than a capitalized asset. This makes an operating lease the most tax friendly of the lease options.

When an operating lease terminates, the lessee has three options:

    • The leased high speed camera equipment may be returned to the lessor.
    • The lease terms may be renewed and extended at a rate consistent with the fair market value of the equipment.
    • The high speed camera equipment may be purchased at its fair market value.

Contact us to have a high speed camera specialist figure out the leasing option that is right for you!