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Specim Hyperspectral Cameras


SPECIM is the world's leading manufacturer of hyperspectral imaging cameras. SPECIM provides full hyperspectral systems for a wide array of applications including medical research, precision agriculture, industrial, environmental monitoring, mining and mineralogy, as well as military/defense.

All SPECIM hyperspectral camera products have outstanding image quality with excellent light throughput, leading to speed and high performance. SPECIM hyperspectral imagers are designed for applications ranging from precise color measurements to advanced chemical imaging.

Why Specim Hyperspectral Cameras?

  • Co-registration: acquires all spectral information exactly at the same time from same location - insensitive to instrument/sample movement => only technology suitable for moving objects like in industrial converyer belt applications or airborne
  • Collects light from sample to camera 5 to 20 times more efficiently than tuneable filter instruments.
  • Only a line across the sample needs to be illuminated
    • 10 to 30 times more light than with a 2D camera system, or
    • Lower heat load on sensitive samples.
  • 50 to 600 times higher speed with same illumination and spectral resolution.
  • Least amount of data processing.
  • Radiometric and geometric calibration (when required).
  • The only HSI technique which practically fits to all applications from lab to production, field and air.
  • Superiour hyperspectral front lenses.

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