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Photon etc is the world's leading manufacturer of hyperspectral imaging cameras, provide fast and integrated hyperspectral imaging systems provide solutions to industrials challenges, and give researchers access to the latest innovations in optical and photonic instrumentation. All Photon etc hyperspectral cameras have outstanding image quality with excellent light throughput, leading to speed and high performance. 

Acquisition of an optimized hyperspectral cube permits spectral analysis of each and every pixel of a full-resolution image, meaning no more fastidious XY scanning of samples or limiting exposure time of remote sensing acquisitions. Resulting in more than just an increase in efficiency at any wave lenght, within 400-1000 nm V-EOS, the 500-1700 nm S-EOS 1.7 or the 900-2500nm S-EOS  2.5 provide data on both spectral and spatial content, allowing you to perform novel analysis by extending the frontiers of your most demanding applications.

Photon etc.’s wide-field hyperspectral cameras for a wide array of applications including medical research, precision agriculture, industrial, environmental monitoring, dermatology, photovoltaic, mining and mineralogy, as well as military/defense.

Photon etc. | S-EOS 1.7
Up to 190 FPS
0.5 - 1.7 μm
< 5 nm

Photon etc. | S-EOS 2.5
Up to 340 fps
0.9 - 2.5 μm
< 5 nm
HgCdTe (MCT)

Photon etc. | V-EOS
13.5 FPS
400 - 1000 nm
< 2.5 nm
1x1; 1x2; 2x1 ; 2x2

Photon etc. | GRAND-EOS
400 - 1620 nm
2448 x 2048