K-Series | Long Distance

The K-Series Family of Long-Distance Microscopes incorporate refinements which attain new levels of performance. In most cases, we know of no other instruments that even approximate their imagery.

Model K1 CentriMax

PRIMARILY for C/T-mount to 4/3-in. Format Cameras and Beyond - MX-LR Objective ALONE Focuses from 3 Meters to 530mm - BEST BUY for All-Around Use -  Includes CentriTel®.

Now given the K1 designation, the original CentriMax has been upgraded to be more robust and to directly cover up to 4/3-in. formats. Since it shares the MX-Series objectives with the KX InfiniMax, it has resolution and aperture second only to our own Model K2 DistaMax.  Like the KX InfiniMax, the K1 CentriMax is a "light bucket" for high magnification/high-speed long-distance applications but can also be used directly with larger than C-mount formats. 

A new MX-LR Objective allows focus from 3 meters down to 530mm—directly and without any other objective changes.  Then, MX-Series and other infinity-corrected microscope objectives, filter holders and coaxial illumination can supplement the K1 CentriMax so that it can be used to the theoretical limits of optical microscopy!

As if all the above were not enough, the K1 CentriMax incorporates Infinity's proprietary* CentriTel system.  Once focus is set at a specific point, the CentriTel system allows focal translation from a fixed position without essential magnification changes.  This means that the K1 CentriMax can literally be "bolted" to a fixture and its internal focusing CentriTel system allows up and down focus with virtually no magnification differences.  Built-in CentriTel makes the K1 CentriMax the near-perfect choice for Z-stacking.  No other long-distance microscope in the world is its equal and only our own K2 DistaMax is its better for some research applications.  Taking all its capabilities into account, the easy-to-use K1 CentiMax is Infinity's "best buy" long-distance microscope. 



Model K2 DistaMax


Simply put, the Model K2 DistaMax is the world's finest long-distance microscope. The only question is not what is can do, but what it can not.  It has the highest resolution of any K-Series instrument or, for that matter, any other long-distance microscope.  The K2 DistaMax has unsurpassed adaptability so that dual-port Mirror Diverters, Zoom modules, Amplifiers or Tele-compressors may be added or interfaced.  In short, it can do everything every other K-Series instrument can do and do it to research standards.  It can even be used for CentriTel applications with a supplemental unit.  For long-distance microscopy, the Model K2 DistaMax is the ultimate choice. 

The K2 Series have always been Infinity's benchmark research optics. This tradition has been maintained with the advent of the K2 DistaMax. In fact, the K2 DistaMax not only matches the options of previous models, it goes beyond them.

No other manufacturer's long-distance microscope provides operational ranges, potential resolving powers or format choices equal to Infinity's Model K2 DistaMax.

The K2 DistaMax is an unobstructed refractor—just like laboratory microscopes. Unlike obstructed, inherently lower-contrast catadioptric mirror systems, it does not produce out-of-focus "doughnut" artifacts. As explained in a scientific paper which stands on its own merits, a previous generation Model K2 was chosen for its unique characteristics: Wall-shear-stress measurements at moderate Re-numbers with single pixel resolution using long distance -PIV — an accuracy assessment . The present Model K2 DistaMax achieves even greater performance levels.


Since its inception, the Model K2 has been the definitive world-standard state-of-the-art long-distance microscope, capable of resolution and magnification comparable to that of regular compound laboratory-type microscopes but at many times greater working distances. Over time, the K2 evolved expanded capabilities such that it could image a "Blood Moon" down to a blood cell—even, if required, with a 1.4 NA oil-immersion microscope objective—in transmitted or coaxial illumination. Then, in 2008, Infinity announced that K2 Long-distance Microscopes could be supplemented with the CentriTel® Focuser. For the first time, the K2 (by then, the K2/S) could translate focus from a fixed position—without essential magnification changes. This makes it ideal for 3D stacks and Z-depth measurements. And in the same tradition, the K2 DistaMax maintains all previous capabilities—even expanding them.